Privacy Policy

Room with a soul is committed not only to bringing you the finest products, but also to keeping your personal information confidential. We only require personal information from you when you place an order and will only use what you provide to process orders, ship orders and contact you if necessary. You may choose to sign up for our mailing list, but rest assured that we never share or sell your confidential information with any third parties.

This site does use cookies, however we do not store any sensitive information to any personal computer. No name, financial or personal information will be stored on any computer in which you make access of Room with a soul. We gain information from cookies that are placed on your computer from search engines and comparison shopping sites. This information is provided to us, but does not contain any contact information.

Solicitations from will occur if you decide to sign up for our mailing list. If you have not signed up for our list or unsubscribed, you will be removed from our mailing list within 14 business days.

Any changes to this policy will be posted directly to this statement.